ZoneMAP is a variable rate map creation tool designed to let the end user easily create their own maps. Locate your fields, edit field borders, upload custom data, and create unlimited maps. ZoneMAP users will also enjoy easy access to years of satellite data from our vast satellite imagery database. To find out more, apply for a ZoneMAP beta invite. Already have an invite? Go to to register your account.

ZoneMAP Screenshot with completed variable rate map
ZoneMAP Screenshot with empty field

Easy to Find Fields

ZoneMAP provides several intuitive ways to find the fields you're looking for. Quickly find your field using Public Land Survey System designations, uploading a custom border file, or use ZoneMAP’s interactive map interface to hone in on the intended location. Once you’ve located your field you are ready to start making unlimited maps.

ZoneMAP Screenshot with custom field border

Editable Field Borders

Creating custom field borders is as easy as playing connect the dots. ZoneMAP’s intuitive field border drawing tools make it easy to draw a new border or modify existing borders. Got a slough or rock pile smack dab in the middle of your field? ZoneMAP lets you simply mask out obstacles or obstructions that you don’t want included in your finished map.

ZoneMAP Screenshot with unlimited variable rate maps

Create Unlimited Maps

ZoneMAP steps you through the map creation process to make creating a map quick and painless. Leverage our massive satellite imagery database or upload your own custom data, (ie.. yield maps), to include in your field analysis. Once your ZoneMAP has been created, set your custom rates for each zone and you’re ready to download your file. There is no limit to the number of maps you can create for each field. All the maps you create with ZoneMAP will be saved with your user account so you can revisit and modify it whenever you want, where ever you are.